Singularity began when I purchased a 1983 Schlumberger Pen Plotter (bottom) at a yard sale. The plotter will only render vector drawings sent in an ancient language called HPGL. I found that I could script lines algorithmicly and export them for print in Java based language developed at MIT called Processing. This program evolved into an adaptable matrix for dynamic drawings rotating around a singularity.

The beauty in creating these images lies at the tense edge at which symmetry and asymmetry, order and chaos contend with each other -- and in the attempt to resolve them by drawing and singing.

Try the software as a Java Applet > (Minimal Version, no sound)

I recommend using a drawing tablet and starting with slow gentle movements. You can also download the script and modify it yourself in Processing.

Try a version of the software responsive to sound > (Requires Jsyn Plugin, and a mic)

Draw with music playing - or sing and shout while you move your mouse. Color changes result from frequency changes, and size is proportional to the amplitude of sound.

Using a drawing tablet, I created the drawings below. The first three were created without the influence of sound. The other five were generated by singing or playing rhythmic music. (click on the thumbnails)