UROP Supervision
UROP, 2011
For the last five years I supervised 12 undergraduate engineers, programmers, and designers through the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. They contribute to initiatives in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Media Lab. I managed teams 10 hours a week during the year and 40 hours a week in the summer.
Trends in Aug. Reality
Trends in Augmented and Mixed Reality, 2011
Pol Pla i Conesa and I co-organized two workshops on "Trends in Augmented and Mixed Reality: for Creativity, Entertainment, and Play". We covered four areas: creativity tools, mobile applications, interactive environments, and gaming consoles. The workshop was popular with over 100 attendents in both sponsor events.
Grassroots Mapping
Grassroots, 2010
I traveled to a school in the outskirts of Lima - Peru with Jeff Warren as a part of Grassroots Mapping, a group of activists, educators, technologists, and community organizers providing toolkits for low cost high resolution mapping for political action with kites and balloons. Documentation of our time with the class is located here.
TEI Surface Workshop
TEI Surfaces, 2010
I organized a Workshop at TEI 2010 that introduced approaches to developing applications on four related surfaces: the Reactable: a musical tabletop, Microsoft Surface: a comercial tabletop, MemTable: a large interactive tabletop, and Relief: a responsive 3D surface. Documentation of the workshop is on flickr here.
Design for Fabrication
Design and Fab, 2009
I assisted in a student organized MIT Media Lab course called "Techniques for Design and Fabrication", which introduced students to essential skills in: analog and digital electronics, mechatronics and materials. At the end of the course I compressed 52 hours of recording into this 2 minute video. It captures the spirit of the media lab.
Paradigms in HCI
HCI, 2008
I assisted Pattie Maes and Hiroshi Ishii at the MIT Media Lab's 2008 New Paradigms in HCI in fields of Ubiquitous Computing, Mixed Reality, Wearable Computing, Location-Aware Computing, Ambient Interfaces, Tangible Interfaces, Intelligent Interfaces, and Software Agents. Here are examples of student work.
Web Practices
Web Practices, 2006
I taught a Web Practices course at the Art Institute of Chicago that surveyed the tools, techniques and history of work on the World Wide Web. Students learned web standards (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, PHP, SQL) as well as java applet and flash plugins. Students developed an artist's toolkit for working on the web.
Multimedia III
Multimedia III, 2006
Part of the City Collages of Chicago, I was adjunct faculty at Harold Washington and taught a diverse group of advanced multimedia students. During the Multimedia III Course there were three major projects. Here are examples of collaborative and time based projects from the class.
Radical Software
Critical Artware, 2006
Art as software, software as art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jon Cates and I conducted class in the same spirit as the Radical Software movement (1970-74) examining new media practices of producing software art in, on and through networks and communities.
SAIC Wired
Wired, 2006
I taught two classes in the "Wired" curriculum at SAIC. The course is intended to give all incoming students a basic computing toolkit for the arts, introducing advanced imaging and web authoring techniques in an academic context that is both critical and celebratory of the new media tools that can help facilitate art production.
Unexpected Token
Unexpected Token, 2005
I assisted and helped manage a course called "Programming for Automatic Drawing" (PADS) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Tiffany Holmes and I worked with students using Processing and Director to make work for an interactive exhibition at the NOVA arts space at the end of the fourteen week session.
UvaNewMedia Art
UvaNewMedia, 2004
UvaNewMedia is a web portal I initiated and developed as an adjunct professor for interdisciplinary digital arts initiatives at the University of Virginia. Its gallery space and resource kit added significance and purpose to the classroom. All curricula and from my work teaching Arts 222, and Arts 223, Digital Media I and II in 2003 and 2004 is here.
UVa Digital Arts
UVa Collage, 2005
The Phillips Collection and the University of Virginia partnered to host a series of exhibitions in the spring of 2004. I designed a web portal for the event and an award-winning kiosk showing works from digital arts students that focused on finding significance in commonplace objects.  
Interdisciplinary Arts
Interdiciplinary Arts, 2003
An interdiciplinary proposal for intermedia arts exhibition designed to bring together Artists, Designers, Engineers, Programmers, Musicians and Curators from around the University to explore issues related to the creation and display of computational art by introducing the software and hardware knowledge necessary to do so.