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Instructor: Pattie Maes, Hiroshi Ishii
TA: Seth Hunter  Jamie Zigelbaum
Wednesdays 1:00 to 3:00
Location: E15-235

Prereq: Permission of instructor
2-8-2 H-LEVEL Grad Credit

This class focuses on novel paradigms for human-computer interaction. We will read and discuss seminal papers from the fields of Ubiquitous Computing, Mixed Reality, Wearable Computing, Location-Aware Computing, Ambient Interfaces, Tangible Interfaces, Smart Environments, Intelligent Interfaces, Conversational Interfaces, Software Agents and others.

Students are required to actively participate in the discussion of the weekly readings and to engage in the design of several applications.

Limited to 18 students

  + Read and discuss the state of the art in new paradigms for HCI: smart environments, smart networked objects, augmented + mixed realities, ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, tangible computing, intelligent interfaces and wearable computing.
  + Focus on understanding enabling technologies and studying applications and experiments. To a lesser extent understanding the socio-cultural impact.
  + Come up with new ideas, start innovative projects in this area.
  + Instructor: Pattie Maes 
Office: E15-315
Phone: 617 253-7442

  + TA: Seth Hunter 
Office: E15-313
Phone: 617 253-0597

  + TA: Jamie Zigelbaum 
Office: E15-350
Phone: 617-877-4970