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THEME I -- Linking the Physical and the Digital World

   Feb 6  
Class 1

Introduction to the class and the Media-Lab's Mixed Reality work
- Pattie Maes and Ambient Intelligence Group students

History of the graphical user interface
Douglas C. Engelbart 1968 Demo
Feb 13
Class 2
Tangible Computing and Ambient Displays
- Hiroshi Ishii and Tangible Media Group students

Designing calm technology, M. Weiser and J.S Brown
Tangible Bits, Ishii + Ullmer, CHI97

Beyond Pixels, Hiroshi Ishii, TMG
check out website Tangible Media Group

The coming age of calm technology Weiser
pePars by H. Ishii see Tangible Media Group website for all the links
“Slow Technology”, Hallnas & Redstrom, Personal + Ubiquitous Computing Journal Vol 8 Nr 5
Ambient Interfaces: Design Challenges and Recommendations”, Tom Gross, Fraunhofer Institute
Tangible Multi-modal Interfaces, Cohen & McGee

Mobile Feelings, Sommerer + Laurent Mignonneau
Unremarkable computing by Tolmie et al
Seeing the invisible by Jeffrey Heer and Peter Khooshabeh
Bottles: A Transparent Interface as a Tribute to Mark Weiser Hiroshi Ishii

  Feb 20
Class 3
Context and Location-Aware Computing
- Guest Speaker, Class Presentations

class slides:

Context-aware computing applications, by Schilit et al
Whereware by Pfeiffer, Technology Review 2003

A) Li Bian -- Expanding the horizons of location-aware computing by Roy Want et al
B) what Challenges in location-aware computing by Patterson et al
C) Yannick Assogba Context-aware communication by Schilit

1. City & museum tour guides
Adam Whiton Matt Adcock's slides on Location based city and museum guides
Yin Ting Cho
Hippie: A Nomadic Information System, Oppermann et al, Proceedings of the 1st international symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
Vijay Kailas
Cyberguide by Abowd et al
Rebecca Perry
GUIDE project by Cheverst, Davies, et al

2. Virtual Graffiti systems/Location Based Messaging
Sohin Hawang Isha's slides on Virtual Graffiti Systems
Dahey Yoo
Hanging Messages, Chang
Kyunghee Kim
ComMotion, Marmasse
Click to Add Name
Etherthreads, Lassey
Eric Rosenbaum
Mobile cinema, P. Pan
Click to Add Name Geonotes, Persson etal
John Moore UCSD ActiveCampus

3. Memory systems
Karen Brennan Forget-me-not Mick Lamming Europarc

Seth Hunter Urban Tapestries: Wireless networking, public authoring and social knowledge, Giles Lane, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, July 2003

Feb 27
Class 4
Ubiquitous Computing & Mixed Reality
- Pattie Maes

class slides:

The Computer for the Twenty-First Century, M. Weiser, Scientific American
Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing GD Abowd, ED Mynatt, 2000

Reality Based Interaction, a framework for post-WIMP Interfaces Jacob, Girouard, Hirshfield, Horn, Shaer, Solovey, Zigelbuam - 2008

Click to Add Name Designing interactive paper Presence Journal special issue on AR, 1997, Wellner, P.
Seth Hunter Beyond prototypes: Challenges ... (Davies et al)
Click to Add Name
The DigitalDesk Calculator: Tangible Manipulation on a Desktop Display, Proceedings of UIST'91, 1991, 27-33 
Re to Add Name The Perceptive Workbench: Toward Spontaneous and Natural Interaction in SemiImmersive Virtual Environments (2000), Bastian Leibe, Thad Starner
Click to Add Name Interactivedesk,Toshifumi Arai, Kimiyoshi Machii, Soshiro Kuzunuki, Hiroshi Shojima
Click to Add Name Bridging the Paper and Electronic Worlds:
The Paper User Interface Johnson, W., Jellinek, H., Klotz, L. and Card, S., Proceedings of INTERCHI'93, 1993, 507-512 
Click to Add Name "Listen reader" - an electronically augmented paper-based book 
Click to Add Name The Escritoire: A personal projected display for interacting with documents (2002) Mark Ashdown
Li Bian
The human experience, Abowd
Matt Graziano Proposed ethical guidelines for developers of ubiquitous-computing environments by Adam Greenfield

Mar 5
Class 5

Student Presentations
Regarding Theme I

All 3 Hours devoted to presentations


THEME II -- Intelligent User Interfaces

   Mar 12  
Class 6

Interfaces that know you: User Modeling, Personalization, Recommender systems & Software Agents
- Pattie Maes


Just-in-time information retrieval agents, by B. J. Rhodes and P. Maes
Direct Manipulation vs. Interface Agents: a Debate, by Pattie Maes and B. Schneiderman, Interactions 4, no. 6 (1997). ACM Press
Wikipedia entry on software agents
Wikipedia entry on recommendation systems

Vijay Kailas Recommender Systems by Resnick and Varian
Li Bian Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload by Pattie Maes
Click to Add Name Beyond Algorithms: An HCI Perspective on Recommender Systems
Click to Add Name Generic User Modeling Systems, Alfred Kobsa, User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, v.11 n.1-2, p.49-63, 2001

Click to Add Name Knowledge Navigator
Matt Graziano StarFire
Yen-Ting Cho FutureShock
Mar 19
Class 7
Interfaces with common sense
- Henry Lieberman and Hugo Liu

Beating some Common Sense into Interactive Applications, Lieberman et. Al.

John Moore ConceptNet: A Practical Commonsense reasoning toolkit
Christine Outram Affective Computing, Rosalind Piccard, Media Lab
Karen Brennan Dialog System (on wikipedia)
and Conversational Interfaces: Advances and Challenges by Victor Zue and James Glass

Mar 26  NO CLASS
(Spring Vacation) 

(Sponsor Week) 

Apr 9
Class 8
Direct Brain Machines
Interfaces and Machines with Emotional Intelligence

Guest Lecture: Ed Boyden, Rosalind Piccard

Toward machine emotional intelligence: analysis of affectivephysiological state NOTE: (only the introduction and conclusion sections are required reading) by Picard, R.W.; Vyzas, E.; Healey, J
Brain-Actuated Interaction
by José del R. Millána, Frédéric Renkensb, Josep Mouriñoc, Wulfram Gerstnerb

Rebecca Perry Overview of the DARPA Augmented Cognition Technical Integration Experiment International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction ,St. John, M., Kobus, D. A., Morrison, J. G., Schmorrow, D 2004, Vol. 17, No.2, Pages 131-149
Click to Add Name Brain-computer interface using a simplified functional near-infrared spectroscopy system. Shirley M Coyle, Tomas E Ward and Charles M Markham.2007 J. Neural Eng. 4 219-226

Click to Add Name Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression, Helen S. Mayberg
Click to Add Name Behavioural improvements with thalamic stimulation after severe traumatic brain injury
Click to Add Name Decoding mental states from brain activity in humans
Click to Add Name Selecting the signals for a brain–machine interface

Apr 16
Class 9
Student Presentations
Regarding Theme II


THEME III -- Aware Environments

Apr 23
Class 10
Smart Materials

Guest Visitors: Marcello Coelho - Slides from his talk >>
Smart Materials and Technologies in Architecture Michelle Addington (Author), Daniel L. Schodek
Interactive Futures McCollough (posted by Sajid for class review)
E-Broidery: Design and Fabrication of textile-based computing

Eric Rosenbaum Electronic Textiles: A platform for Pervasive Computing
Yen-Ting Cho Interactive and Experiential Design in Smart Textile Products and Applications
Sohin Hwang Memory Rich Clothing: Second Skins that Communicate Physical Memory
Christine Outram
The Emotional Wardrobe, Lisa Stead1, Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous computing, July 2004
Apr 30
Class 11
Information Appliances & Gestural Interfaces

Multi-touch systems I have known and Loved by Bill Buxton
Less is More, Bill Buxton

Yen-Ting Cho The Invisible Computer, Donald Norman- FOR EVERYONE TO OPTIONALLY READ
Sohin Hwang Transforming Mirrors, David Rokeby
Seth Hunter Myron Kruger & Oblong Presentation
Da hey Wii

May 7
Class 12
Sentient Architecture and Awareness Systems
- Pattie Maes
- Taemie Kim
- Cory Kidd
Keeping in touch with the family: Home and away, ASTRA
Casablanca: awareness systems in a home setting

John Moore
Georgia Tech Aware Home Project
Da hey Stanford iRoom Project
Click to Add Name MIT House-N
Rebecca Perry Philips Home Lab Project

Karen Brennan Linking Public Spaces: Technical and Social Issues
, Microsoft Research
Eric Rosenbaum
Casy: Awareness system for children in physically distributed families.
Yannick Assogba Telewindows: realtime video connections for the elderly
Rebecca Perry ComZones: Video mediated communication in home settings
Matt Graziano Portholes, XEROX Parc

Vijay Kailas
MIT Media Lab smart rooms project:  Pentland, Smart Rooms, Scientific American, Vol 274 +
Hitesh MIT CSAIL Ogygen project + Aire (Agent-based Intelligent Reactive Environments) research group: +
Presence Research

  May 14
Class 13
Student Presentations
Rregarding Theme III