Relational Forms (Sketches), 2010

Relational Forms began with a series of sketches - the evolution of the idea is documented here. This is mostly for my own record but also for discussions with collaborators and friends. It starts with the proposal sketches at the top, and then the process proceeds from there. Essentially these are just some of the possiblities that I think could stem from building an engine to experiment with peoples bodies as in interface at the Media Lab.

Installation sketch for the 3rd floor in the new media lab building, it's right by the railing facing the river, projector and camera are mounted on the outside of the overlook. Bodies would trigger waves which make sounds when they collide.

Here is a sketch of a passageway as a possible space of engagement. This is the 3rd floor stair to hallway area. I'm not sure if this would inhibit the flow of traffic, we would have to take a closer look.

Brainstorm with Pol that led to idea.

Later that night I started thinking of so many other possiblities, for this area of work - crazy things like a mobile sound trigger unit, people as sound triggers, chronographer ideas etc..

Original sketch of the the shadow overlap idea. Overlaps are where the magic happens...

Manifestations of the people tracking engine, or relational tracker.

3- having a scene acted out and evoking the scene, 4- using trails as paint

This also relates to Richards The's idea, which could potentially have social impact..

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