STAREOFF, Mediamatic Hacker Camp, Nov 17-24 2010

The StareOff installation is by Luis Fernadez, Saro van Cleynenbreugel, Axel Roest, and Seth Hunter.

StareOff uses blink detection from two cameras to frame a co-located face to face interaction as a staring contest. The game is over when the computer detects that one person has blinked! It says "you have lost the staring contest!"

Users are linked by RFID 'ik' tags to a social network, and the videos of the winners and losers are uploaded to their profiles, and a rotating collage of 16 losing moments in the gallery space.

The making of stareOff, with more pictures below. All night international hacker camps are amazing and exhausting!

The newspaper article on the night of the opening.

The beginnings of the idea.

Five days of hacking here.

Two PS3 cameras for blink detection.

The form was mirror-like but with no mirror.

Testing the experience with Saro.

Setting up just before the opening.

Staring contest.

Videos of the loser were uploaded to social networks through this interface.