Soundforms, made in collaboration with Pol Pla is a tangible interface for collaborative musical composition with everyday objects. We began the project as a simple exploration (documented here) and more recently have begun to see the table surface as a prototyping environment for larger installations where people take the place of the tangibles. In the following videos, the composer is like God, manipulating the items, but we can't help wondering what might happen under simple constraints if each element of a composition has its own agency.

Here I demonstrate four potential modes (rule constraints) in three categories:

Time based: (semi-direct) trigger notes depending on when objects enter the scene
Trigger Based: (direct) in this case a radial, like objects are in a pond
Scanning: (indirect) the computer triggers notes by scanning at specific intervals

We used a variety of pucks, including some shaped like people to try and imagine how they might act in different scenarios.

During demo week a variety of people tried our initial version of the software. Here a child with a cochlear implant is using the table - his mother told me that simple tones (sin generated) like the ones generated here are easier for him to parse.

Here is a little composition I made late one night, while trying out some new sounds. We used Chuck software made by Ge Wang, with OSC as the communication protocol.