Each plant in this garden is a direct representation of one person's associative response to 30 words. Each person responded to the same set of words as everyone else, but the answers differ in effect, content, time duration, and overall averages. These factors govern the shape of each plant and allow for it to have its own unique properties.

Phase 1: Taking the Survey
So far we have about 120 plants in the garden, and 20 living in the gallery.
Would you like to add your own personal bulb to the garden? Click here to take the survey >

Phase 2: A Look at Individual Bulbs
Start with the guide to reading on the left and then proceed to click on individual low res bulbs in the garden. Bulbs for gallery purposes are printed at very high resolution and are 13" x 19".

A Guide to Reading!

Phase 3: Collective Visualization
As the garden of individual plants grew I began to make a film to visualize the whole species. This striking combination provides insight into how everyone responded to the questions and some of the unusual abberations and distinctive answers.

At the C33 Gallery:

This piece was shown as part of the NOVA Arts Programming for Automatic Drawing show, and the "Snap to Grid" show at the C33 in Chicago.